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September 16, 2008


thereisa miller

hey tony nice to have you back, and i am glad to here that you had a great summer and also you are training hard.tony i am looking forward to seeing your next fight and when you are fighting in the cage always remember eye of the tiger. god bless thereisa


You Have a Beautful Blessed Day.



good to see you back my friend.Let me know about the fight, I would like to come out there if i can. Keep me updated and keep in touch in general. I havent recieved an email from you in a while.

Stay Safe, One Love my brother.

michelle bateman

welcome back anthony,lol



You are really blessed Tony. You got as far as i can tell everything you want. You're livin' a dream.. well YOUR dream which is even better. You have great friends, AWSOME fans, just so many people behind you and you're a good guy. You're an insperation to many. And a lot of poeplelook up to you. I hope nothing will change that. You deserve the best and it looks like you got it all. Congrads. Stay strong and you'll be livin the high life forever =P.



Hey Anthony,
Been too long!!!!!!! I was watching an old episode of Springer,and I miss you so much. Who do you think would do well in a one on one, you or P. kelly? I hope you are doing well, keep in touch.


TONY!!!!!!!!! U need to go on ur myspace or something!! I miss talking 2 u:(

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