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May 08, 2008


Jennifer Simmons

How cool would it be if you fought on my birthday!! that would be amazing!! Well you should be proud of yourself. Look at all the people that support you. And care about you!! We want to see the best for you and nothing else. You've put a big impact on all of our lifes. No matter what you do we will always be here for you. Doesn't it feel so good to win something? Are you okay?? But yeah tony it just seemed my life sucked until i started writing to you. You've opened my eyes and shown me that everythings going to be okay. And no matter what happens I still consider you one of my best friends. because no one that i know could have gone through all that you have have still keep pushing themselves to follow their dream! I am proud of you! hey well i cant really say chin up charge the moutian because you've gotten to the top! Congratz
-Jenny the warrior princess



Your right to put your trust in God, he wont steer you wrong. Im teaching my son that right now - he asks alot of questions about God and Jesus. Hes about to start getting ready for his confirmation next year. Im glad to hear your going back in the cage. Just make sure that you heal fully.

Thanks for emailing me your support - its really great to see that there is a Man out there who can be so supportive and a great friend, just like you have with Stephanie and myself, and also Jenny, whose comment Ive just read. Its nice to see in a world that is so full of doom and gloom and hatred, that people still can care about each other.

Keep us updated on how your doing!

Take care, always in your corner.
Bev x x x x


Tony Im GLad life is good 4 someone i know. Always Know that you have alot of people in your corner. and u need to keep on keeping on.... Lol ok IM REALLY PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!

<3 Chelsea

thereisa miller

hi tony how have you been? thank you for the email i appreciate that a lot.i just want to say that with god on your side nothing will stand in your way.it is nice to hear some good news,i am looking forward to seeing your fight again.remember tony when you go out in to the cage you be tony the bull Buoniconti and you be the guy who got you where you are and you rely on that talent and ability.keep us posted on how you are doing! take care of yourself always in your corner Thereisa xxxxxxxxX


I hope that everything is well with you! A friend of mine's mom was just found found out that she has Cancer. So I been keepin her in my prayers as well as you.And another is going though alot of things right now. He is tryin to raise his 3 yr old son. the mother left them EXACTLY. SHE ABANDONED THE BABY. So he has been talkin to me ab this. Sorry ab this but I need some one to talk to. cathy PS take care of your self. wwyc..... ttyl

michelle bateman

i have done many good things in my life like helping homeless people,disadvantaged too,

have done sponsors for different charities like cancer research,
deaf and blind children,elderly people,and more,

michelle bateman of wiltshire,england


Hi Tony
Still tryin to sort out alot of things. Been keepin the baby 5days a wk. instead of4. how is everything with you? I am doin great. my knee is doin ok. still swollen. I have to have an mri done. I GOT WATER ON THE KNEE. hopefully I done have to have surgery done.
take care your friend cathy


Hey Tony - what happened - you fall off the end of the earth?
no posts since May - and it's almost September -
Where you at - what you up too???
Inquiring Minds want to know -
and peoples that care about you!!!!!

Get it together !!!!


Hey Tony,
Regarding of everything thats been happening-high gas prices/cost of living, murders, etc, etc-you still have a positive outlook on life. Its funny because the other day I thinking about how fucked up things are getting-My friend last month was murdered by 4 idiots-his body was found weeks later, I lost my job this month-I wasn't fired, I didn't quit-I was basically let go. I worked at a nail salon and they got rid of a few people-the business wasn't making "enough" to pay us employees and maintain the shop too. So by getting rid of a few employees, they would be saving a lot of money (not disclosing how much).
You got bills, prices keep on going up,ive got relationship problems at the moment-its been drivin me crazy.
This entry really has inspired me to just keep my head up no matter what's happening and to just have faith. I leave it in God's hands now..only God could make things better, I know there's somethin in store for me...now its a matter of waiting. I believe everything has a purpose in life-that's why I live without any regrets.
I wish you the best of luck as you prepare for your next fight and for your injury to heal.

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