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April 29, 2008


thereisa miller

hey tony, i thought your fight was outstanding.keep it up. love thereisa


Hey Tony

I cant begin to describe how inspirational you have been to me!! Even though we have never met in person, or even talked in person, Ive enjoyed following your story and learning about your battles in life and how you over came them.

So often you hear of people looking to change their lives for the better, and then when it gets too hard they fall off the wagon(Im guilty of that myself). But you have set yourself your goal and you have worked hard to overcome your battles and get to where you wanna be. The ultimate prize being your victory in the cage. I checked out the vote for fight of the night and you were winning 73% to 27% (I voted for you of course). Well now I am slowly but surely getting where I wanna be as well. You wouldnt beleive how much weight Ive lost so far, it is very hard. I thought about opting for surgery to help me, but Im doing so well by myself, I decided against it. I know you know Im on mySpace, I dont know whether you have ever checked my profile out, but I Know i could look a million times better than I do now!!

Summer 2009 is the date. I want to bring Anthony on the trip of a lifetime to America, Ive always wanted to visit the states, and Anthony is obsessed with New York, so why not???

Who would have thought that the tall, dark (very) handsome security guard from the JS show would become a very good long distance friend!!! And also I have made another friend through you - Stephanie of course. She is a lovely genuine person with a good sense of humour!!!

Take care - always in your corner.

Lots of love
BEv x x x x x

Jennifer Simmon

I just want to tell you that we all kept our heads held high througout your fight. We care about you deeply and we want to see the best for you. Whatever makes you happy makes us happy. You have helped os through our troubles and we have helped you in a way in your victory. I am so proud that you have won! Doesn't it seem just like yesterday that you were just telling us about the fight and telling us all the stuff that makes you strong and that you wouldn't be able to make it through without us and god. Well yeah thats all I think about all the time. I have to tell you thank you so much for helping me through all of the things that i have been through. Through my cousin leaving for Iraq, then now is in Alaska thank god. And through how my family doesnt want me to be around them and how you wished you could come right up to me and give me a hug and tell me that it was going to be alright. That means more to me than you'll ever know. I cannot wait till I hear from you. But I just wanted you to know that you are always on my mind and that I hope the absolute best for you. And just to let you know. You are the reason why me and chelsea finally became friends and are closer.. So to that I say thank you. If you get the chance please write back. I would love to hear from you. Can't wait!!
-Jenny the warrior princess

P.S. I cannot wait to hear from you and that I just still cant believe you are the reason that you made 2 people closer.. You should feel proud of yourself! Have a great day!!


hey tony, your fight was incredibly inspirational. i cannot begin to describe how happy i am for you. ive been following your story since you left springer and everything youve accomplished is amazing. you are awesome! i always knew you had it in you and ive been prayin for you from the beginning.
well, keep up the great work!!
♥ Kristen

P.S. you should get on myspace more often!

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