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February 01, 2008



Congratulations Sensei Anthony B! Boy 2008 really is becoming your year and we are only into Feb! I really admire your strength and determination to suceed. All of your teamates are doing fab - like I said in the last post, I caught some of MMA basics on you tube and I was facsinated! Im sure you will pass on my best wishes to all your teamates.

You will have to let me know how I can catch your fight over the internet, like I keep saying Id love to be there in person, however its the pond that seperates us!

The weather here is mad at the moment, it cant make up its mind. Yesterday we had, rain, wind, snow, and sunshine, all in one day! Im not a big fan of wind, its blown my TV areial off my wall outside, and I thought Id take the opportunity to get some laundry dry . . you know good drying weather. Well I put Anthony's school uniform out, and one of his school jumpers blew away, and its gone! So if anyone out there comes across a Holy Cross RC Primary school jumper . . . :-)

Im ashamed to say though Tony . . Ive let myself down. Ive let certain people bring me down again, with his snide comments, and calling me whilst out again at stupid o'clock in the morning, with girls this time, ringing from witheld numbers then hanging up! What is it with me? Im paying the price though, I dont feel well at all, and I look even worse! Its my own fault, I should have learned my lesson by now, I should be stronger than this. Im having trouble with my parents too. My Dad has a begnign brain tumor, which is shrinking, thank goodness, but he is suffering from depression, and is Drinking excessivley. He has high Blood Pressure and Cholesterol, which he is on medication for, and hes in his early 50's, so you can imagine, hes a walking time bomb. My Mother is quite a hard woman, Ive never really been close to either of them, but she s arguing with him all the time, and they keep coming to me, seperatly, saying they want a Divorce, and they just need to talk to someone. I know Im their Daughter, and Ive always just sat and listened to them, and tried to calm them down, but its stressing me out immensley. They dont tell Mark (my little bro) anything, he didnt even know about my Dads illness until, he took a funny turn on New Year and we all ended up in Casualty with him. To be honest, I dont feel comfortable talking to my parents about their marriage, because I have to stay neutral. Anyway sorry bout that . . enough wining from me!

Im off out tonight with my work colleagues, Im moving deprtments, so its my leaving celebration, so I can chill and have a good laugh with them . . and a good dance, boy I love to dance on a night out.

Keep us updated with everything Tony. And I know I say this everytime I post . . but Im so proud of you, and keep going!

Lots of love

Bev x x x x x x


Hey Tony CONGRATULATIONS !!! I am so proud of you. You see what can happen when you put your mind to it and stay focused.

Sorry to hear about your rotten weather. Knock wood we haven't gotten any snow here at all this winter. (that's because I bought a snowblower, lol) The weather has been pretty eratic. Couple of weeks ago it was almost 60. I opened up all the windows in the house to let fresh air in. Big mistake because the following week me and Leia were both in bed for over a week running 103. We are both better now except I have this lingering cough that I can't get rid of. It's getting better but it's annoying.

Haven't been up to much lately still job hunting and getting frustrated. I told my mom that I am thinking about opening up my own candy shop. I found this distribuor that sells old fashioned candy. Candy that we used to get as kids. I ordered myself like $35 dollars worth. I love Watermelon Now N Laters and they have them for .15 cents a piece. I found heaven (lol). It's a thought but I don't know what I am going to do, the bank account is going down fast. I am going to ask the family for help next week if I don't find something.

I have been busy trying to plan Leia's Birthday party. She is having a swimmimg party (what else for my fish). There are going to be 25 kids. It will be a blast because I get in the water with them and with all the weight that I lost I am looking forward to putting on a bathing suit. Today I brought cupcakes to the school, tomorrow I have to pick up 54 more cupcakes for the swim team. Her birthday is Feb 2. Yes she's a groundhog. When they induced me 8 years ago and I realized it was groundhog day I said crap she will come out see her shadow and go back in, (she was already 2 weeks late) but she didn't. The time is just flying by and I am grateful to have the time to share with her now before she gets to the age where she doesn't want mom around anymore. Although I think I have developed the sort of relationship with her and her friends that, that will never happen. I am the cool mom that all the kids know they can come to and talk to.

I can't wait for the fight. I marked it on my calender so I wouldn't forget or make plans for that day.

Well I have gone on enough for now. Once again I am so proud of you. Keep up the hard work. I am here for you if you need me.

I'll talk with you soon.

Take care, stay focused.

Love ya,

p.s Bev I think your sons jumper flew past my house on Wednesday.


CONGRATS BOY!!Sensei Anthony B fits u!! Just wantd you to know ever since i startd talkin 2 u my life has been great! thanks and veryone will be behind you April 5th

Jenny Simmons

Hey Sensei Anthony B.
Chelsea is right that does fit you!! I also have to agreee that for me too ever since I started talking to you my life has been so much better. I don't know what I would of done, and I am telling you the complete truth.. I wish I could go some place warm, that would be nice..:-D anyways I cannot wait till your fight!! Remember that Chelsea and I are always going to be in your corner!! You are truly the best!!

-Jenny the warrior princess


hey if your all looking for some place warm come to Texas the coldest it has got here was 30 one night in Dec. In jan and feb we have been wearing shorts it hit 80 here the other day. oh well. i'll agree with everyone else my life has gotten better since we started talking as well. and i can't wait for the fight, i'm behind you 100%.
Love always


Hey Tony! Im so glad ur doing good!! Keep Up the Good work! When r u gonna go on ur myspace? its been like Months since the last time you went on it! i miss talkin to u :( But at the same time im so glad ur doing really really great! :) Keep up the Kick Ass Work Tony!!! Ur doing GREAT!




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