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February 08, 2008



Sensei Anthony The Bull . .

I can well imagine that you are like Rocky at the moment, I can just picture it! Ive seen those films like a thousand times since Chrismas (Anthony got them off santa - and he loves them!) Running through the snow with your dog (I assume Chopper is a dog??). All you need is the theme tune - and you will be set! You must feel on top of the world right now.

Goals? Oh I have some goals since the last time that we spoke . . Big Anth and I had a massive argument last Friday night, and it basically resulted in him telling me that the way hes been treating me, is because he's ashamed of me, because of my physical apperance, calling me all sorts of names, including an ugly you know what. Anyway that was like a knife in my back, and now Im determined more than ever to sort my self out. I gotta admit, I have hit rock bottom now, and Im trying to build my self esteem back up. Another goal is to try and get the little man to start walking on his flat foot. My poor little one, hes really tall for his age, and hes got long legs, and for some reason he walks on his toes all the time. I thoought it was because hes got big feet, and a high instep, but the docs reckon that its his metatarsal (hope ive spelt that right) so hes got to go to the hospital to see about it.

I heard about the tragedy over there with the shooting, it was briefly on the news on my way home from work in the car one night. I can never make sense of things like this, innocent people being killed for no reason. I hope that they find the person who did this, eventually he will have to face judgment for what he did. My thoughts are with the victims and their families.

Thank you for posting those tips, Ive read them and take them on board. The chances of that happening to you are slim, but you never know! I wish that I could find a womens kickboxing class over here, but they seem to be few and far between over here, but I shan't give up!!

Anyway time for bed for me - got work all day tomorrow :(

Stay safe and happy everyone! Sensei . . .keep it up!

Lots of love
BEV x x x x


Hey Tony, I admire your determination. I hate shoveling snow let alone think about jogging a mile and a half in it. What kind of dog is chopper? Glad to hear you are doing well with your training. You are right what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. My grandmother used to tell me that all the time. You made reference to Rocky. I can picture you with your black hat on (the one you wore in the 300 video) running up and down the stairs. I only wish for you that after your fight you find your Adrienne to share your new life with. I can't wait until April 5th. With the way the months have just been flying it will be here before we know it. Even though I can't make it in person you will hear me and probably Leia cheering for you. (with the way she can yell you probably will hear her lol)

Have a question what is muscle milk?

With what happened in Tinley Park. I read about it, and it is such a tragedy. My prayers go out to the families. You gave some good advice as to what to do in certain situations. I would like to add a couple of things that I learned while taking my criminal classes in school. We were always told and taught to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Not just of people but of sounds and smells as as well. We were taught to train our minds that even though we are doing one thing we have to be aware of everything else going on around us. Example: When I am in the bank everytime someone walks in I look up and take notice. They gave us some exercises to do in class, one was just as the class was beginning someone came in and took the professors jacket off his chair. We didn't know it was his jacket because he wasn't in the class. We all thought that a student from the prior class had left it and came back for it. Midway thru the class he asked us if we saw the person who came and took the jacket. We were then asked to describe the person who took it to see how many of us could remember. In class we were taught to notice things like distinguishing marks, glasses, clothing, smells (body odor or perfume/cologne) hair color and height.

Another thing a person can di is almost every car now comes equipped with a panic button. When walking to your car keep your finger on it so if you have to hit it you can do it immediately. I also have a panic button at home which works off the alarm system in the house that I can take outdoors with me in case of emergencies.

In regards to delivery men, if you are not expecting anything tell him to leave it outdoors, if he says it requires a signature ask who the package is from and tell him to redeliver it tomoorow that you are going to call and have the signature requirement waived.

I had the police show up at my door one day. I didn't call them. With hearing about people posing as police I called the precint to find out if the cop at my door was legit. Turns out he was so I opened the door. I didn't see his car because it was parked at my neighbors house. They had been robbed.

It's a wacked out world these days much different then we grew up. Your guard always has to be up.

Okay my goals TO FIND A JOB. But right now I just have to deal with next week and with Leia. She had a mental breakdown last night and wouldn't stop crying. She knows that the date her dad died is next week and last night she was hysterical. She said she can't remember what his voice sounds like anymore or what he looks like. She said looking at a picture is not the same. Today her and my sister in law are going to watch home movies so she can see him and hear him. I'm not watching I can't handle it. After I calmed her down I proceeded to lock myself in the bathroom for an hour with the shower going and radio on so she wouldn't hear me breakdown now. So that is my goal, get a job and get through next week.

Well gonna go I have to leave room for other people :) Take care and I'll talk with you soon.

Keep up the hard work. Stay strong and stay focused.

I'm in your corner and I'm here for you.

Love you,



My thoughts are with you and Leia (love her name by the way!) Your love for each other will help you through this hard time! Good luck with the job hunt.

take care
Bev x


Sorry Tony, this isn't for you. Bev we are kinda in the same boat as far as being single moms. If you ever want to talk my e-mail is steph22968@aol.com.

Thanks for thinking of us. Leia is actually named after my grandfather who I was extremely close to. His name was Leo.


Jenny Simmons

Wow... That is really tragic. I could never imagine anyone doing that to anyone. But of course there are people like that out there in the world, and to be honost that makes me sick! Plain sick!! How is Chopper doing?? Yes and we will be staying right there with you no matter how the fight ends up!! Were by your side for life and theres no doubt about it!! One thing I am glad about is that I have had Bigger brothers that have "Beaten up" on me. Because that has made me so much stronger. When I say Beaten up I don't mean they actually beat up on me. Before yeah you know just kidding around, but it was mostly so I knew how to fight someone off If I was in a situation like that. I am seriously glad!! I mean what if they didn't do that to me and I end up in the same situation as those ladies. You know what I mean?? So Thank you so much Tony. You are truly one of my heros! And yes I see that you say to pray for the troops because they are the real heros. Well yes I agree with you, because my cousin was overseas, now he is sationed in Alaska until June, but he said going over there was life changing! So yes I will be praying everyday for them. I cant wait for your fight!!
-Jenny the Warrior Princess


Hey Tony,

I was actually watching 'Rocky Balboa' last week and I thought of you. Very inspiring. Sometimes in the gym the theme tune comes on and its quite amusing to watch, but everyone working out steps up the pace a little. People on the treadmill run faster, people on weights work harder, lol I've put 'eye of the tiger' on my ipod.

I'm finishing my degree in a few years and I'm seriously thinking about joining the army as a medic. It's gonna be hard cause my parents are really trying to put me off but I am determined. The recruiting people are coming over to my University in a few months and I'm hoping to put my name down. It's real good that I've started getting fit again and taking up my hobbies for this reason; I could barely run 10 mins a little while ago, now I'm up to 40 mins which is great!!

I've been in a few sticky situations like the ones you mentioned, and it is quite traumatising, I've never actually told anyone about them. A friend of mine was murdered about a year ago and that was one of the hardest times. I hadn't actually heard about what happened in Tinley Park because I'm in the UK but my heart goes out to those people affected, I can really relate. I live on my own and try my hardest not to get emotionally attatched to people because I hate losing them, I really have to work on this but then when I hear about incidences like the one in Tinley Park it just makes me more determined to not get into relationships, it just feels so selfish. I hope joining the army isn't my excuse for trying to escape what I'm running from, whatever that is.

I've been watching a lot of MMA in the UK to get in the mood and to carry on with kickboxing. I can't wait for your fight!!



Hello Sweetheart,

I did have something for the ominous people, but I decided to defer the disdain for awhile. I am appease of the altruistic scripture that I'm going to write down. In my melancholy, my heart goes out to the venerable family that lost thier love ones.

Love is long-suffering and kind.
Love is not jealous, it does not brag, does not get puffed up.
Does not behave indecently.
Does not look for its own interests.
Does not become provokrd.
It dose not keep the account of the injury.
It does not rejoice over unrighteousness.
But rejoices with the TRUTH.
It bears all things.
Believes all things.
Hopes all things.
Endures all things.
(1 Corinthians, Chapter 13, Verse 4-7)
This is a Divine Blessing for all of God's Beautiful Childrens.


Maureen from Killadelphia

Hey Ant,

Good for you for all the great things going on. It's cool Chopper likes to run in the snow - you must be having so much fun!! I thought about you when I saw the Lane Bryant tragedy. I remembered you saying something about living somewhere near Tinley Park. That's so messed up. There are so, so many crazy people walking among us nowadays, all we can do is be on the alert. I know I am. I work in Center City Philly, and I come up on some pretty freaky people. You have to be aware and know how to be safe, like you mentioned. Well, I'll keep those poor people in my prayers. You keep going, boy! Looking forward to your fight. Later.

Peace out,

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