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January 18, 2008



Hello Sweetheart,
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, I'm not mad at you. You do what you do. All I Know is that I still worship Jehovah(God), Jesus Chirst and the Holy Spirits,



Tony! My friend! Congratualtions!! Im really really pleased for you. You and all your team mates should be so proud of yourselves, working so hard and getting your rewards. I watch UFC fighting over here - it looks absolutly brutal. There was a live event over here in Newcastle, but I couldn't get tickets. Ill be praying for you. I hope that other bloke knows what he's in for?!!

Just keep away from those temptations - dont even think about them. I know what temptation is like, temptation when things get rough in my life to give in on my diet and exercise and say sod it! Temptation to give in to my ex boyfriend to get back with me - coz he knows how I feel about him, even though I know that its no good. So just keep strong and focused - and you have alot of support, if you feel you ever want to vent any frustrations, or feelings.
Ahh its a shame about your ex girlfriend - Ive got no idea about which show you mean, but things like that can change people. Is there no hope that she could be back in your life? It sounds as though you really care about her. Ill keep both of you in my prayers.

Im upset that I won't be able to be there in person to watch you fight, and support you there, but you know I'll be thinking about you the whole way!

Keep it up mate, Im so proud of you!
Keep in touch
Lots of love
Bev x x x x


Hi Tony,
Congrats for getting so far with your training, i really admire your strength and determination.
We are all behind you and will be with you in spirit on your big day.
Kick butt me babbers!!


Hey Tony Congrats on getting a date for your fight. First about your ex. You said you treated her bad. What does she think she will get from Bret Michaels. That man is a pig. I hope she sees what he is before she gets in to deep with it. I have to say I did watch the show and what these girls are doing to get his attention is disgusting. Next week they all get to give him a private peep show. Don't these girls think more of themselves or are they just doing it for the money that Bret has. I only watched it because I wanted to see the show afterwards Scott Baio is 46 and pregnant. (I used to have posters of him hanging on my wall when I was a kid) Now that show was funny, and I am hooked.

Glad to hear that you are staying focused and not giving into temptation. Just keep it up now and even after your fight. You have obviously become a better person and you will continue to become better.

I am always here for you and you can always count on me.

Stay strong,stay focused, be careful most of all just be you.

Love ya,


AHHHHHHHH!!!! IM SOOO EXCITED!!! ILL BE ROOTING FOR YOU!! Sorry i havent talkd 2 u in awhile.. alot has happened since the last time we talkd. Congrats Boy

Chelsea <3


Tony:I am so proud of you. You have reached a place in your life that your feeling complete. I will be pulling for you. You have set goals in your life and are strong to meet each and everyone of them. Other people should take lessons from you, your an inspiration. You should be so proud. Talk to you soon dear. Hope your friend Megan finds happiness.


Jenny Simmons

I AM TOTALLY ROOTING FOR YOU ALL THE WAY!! i am so PROUD of you!! i cant wait!! remember We all care about you no matter how the match goes!! we all will still LOVE YOU afterwards 2.. Your a beast and your the best!!

-Jenny the warrior princess


Tony! It’s great to hear that you’ve got a date set for the match, and I also believe you are ready. I know that I don’t HAVE to tell you this, but I will, from one friend to another. We all have faith in you, but at the same time, don’t let up on the training or let it go to your head. I think, yes you ARE ready... ready to take things up a notch. Make the workouts even more intense and if possible see what you can learn about your opponent and his fighting tactics. You want to do everything you can to get ahead of the game and then some more on top of that. But like I mentioned, I don’t NEED to tell you that, because I believe you already know what needs to be done, but I went ahead from one friend to another. You mentioned that the ones who leave a post here are like an online family (which by the way is an honor), and family helps each other out… saying things that need to be said whether that person already knows about it or not, you know what I mean?
I cant wait to see the vids to see how you’ve grown physically and mentally, and I hope that you are able to record the fight as well.
Keep in touch bro.

Jane Doe



Hello Sweetheart,
Yesterday is History, Tommorrow it is a Mystery, Today is God's Gift, that why they call it the present.


jessica or ass you know me playboybitch

wow congrats thats amazing and good luck to you i enjoy talking to you on my space i hope things go great and ill visit here often and leave you comments sweet heart mauh love form the playboy bitch and goooooooooooooooddd luckkkkkkkkkkkk


Wow, I just wanted to say that I was reading through your posts and you have really inspired me to get going with the things I love! I've been real lazy but I just got back to the gym / kickboxing and back into my art work which I was neglecting. Good Luck with everything!!
Love from the UK!


YAY!!!! congards cutie!!! im so proud!! youll do amazing i know it!! ill have to try to go!! that would be awsome! YOURE THE BESTT!!!


Maureen from Killadelphia

Yo Ant,

Kudos to you! Knew you could do it. I'll bet you can hardly contain yourself. This is where all your hard work and good behavior will pay off. Ya know I'm rooting for you. Hopefully, I'll be able to watch the fight. I think it comes on Comcast Pay-Per-View here in Philly. I'll have to keep an eye out. Regarding your former girlfriend Megan, have you tried to talk to her? Maybe if she sees the wonderful person you've become, she'd be willing to give you another chance. You'll probably blow her away simply with the fact about church! I always say if something's meant to be, it will be. You also know at this point, that God always answers our prayers; they're not always answered the way we want them to be. That was something I had to learn to accept as I got older. He answers them in the way He sees fit. Hopefully, for you, he sees good things in your future. After all, you've sacrificed and not given in to temptation. I think he'll send a little reward your way. Keep pushing and don't ever give up!! Talk to you soon.

Peace out,


Heyy "TONY THE BULL" congratulations,You FINALLY have a date! Wish you the very best of luck!


Megan would be so proud to see the man you are today, to see how much you have changed and grown as a person. And she will find the peace you pray for her to have it will just take time and she will need to have strenth for the journey ahead of her but im sure you know all about that.
thank you for being an inspiration for us all
love always

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