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January 26, 2008



Hello Sweetheart,

Lamb of God, who takes away our sins, have mercy on us.
Lamb of God, who takes away our sins, have mercy on us.
Lamg of God, who takes away our sins, grant us peace.



Hi Tony

Im really pleased that you are digging in deep with your training - Im out of breath just reading about that workout! I was messing round on You Tube the other day and I found some vids of Mr Riccardo teaching MMA basics. I was surprised that there were people of all shapes and sizes there, and there were some girls there too, which I was really pleased to see! They were all working hard, and sweating hard, but enjoying the learning experience - which is the most important thing!

I caught a wee bit of that Rock of Love thingy. Now dont get me wrong . . Im not saying for one minute that Iam as beautiful as those girls, but are they not just being treated the way they are allowing themselves to be treated? Do they not realise what they are letting themselves in for when they go on that show? Thats a lesson I learned with my ex . . as you know! And that Pratt Micheals, or whatever his name is, would I do that to get with him? No spank you! It wouldn't matter if he shi**ed money, Ive always looked for a good heart and soul in a guy - and I hope that I do find that in the future. Yeah its amazing how much girls will get so bent outta shape over a guy. Ive just come back in after a night out in Newcastle, and one of my friends, was pinning all her hopes of a good night out on a guy, and then when he didnt show, she drank and drank and drank, and got mortal drunk - which somehow ended up with her pulling open my top and pouring a whole glass of white wine down my cleavage, and Ive gotta tell you, Ive got some size cleavage, so It went really really deep - trying to dry myself off in the toilets was a nightmare! She got kicked out the bar for it. Is it worth it over a guy??? NO! Ive just spent like a half hour in the shower trying to wash the stench of it off my self, before I have to go to work tmw!

To be frank tony, I wouldn't waste anytime inviting that whats his name to go rounds with you! Firtsly hed probably pay someone to fight for him, and secondly, your moving onto bigger and better things in your life. Your Angel is out there somewhere for you, and Im sure you will find her!

Keep it up handsome . . Im so proud of you!

Lots of love
Bev x x x x


Hello Sweetheart,

Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, grant us peace.



Heyy Tony, Dude u could soo kick this guys ass!! The only reason theses OLD "celebritys" say they want to find "Love" is so they can get more money or be "famous" Again. I soo cant wait till April 5th!! IM SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!

Chelsea <3


Hey Tony!

Im really excited for you! Hopefully I'll be able to catch you on April 5th on tv. What you said about not smoking weed so you could breathe better; well I guess I'd better stop that dirty habit too!

Your attitude towards life is really great, I love the part where you said 'God is good right, he gave us all this power, we just need to run with it.' - Perfect!

Good luck!

Love, Jess.


Hey bro,
I just wanted to say that I totally agree with you about those reality love shows. Maybe its my own downfall for watching Flavor of Love and thinking it was comedic at first, but then after I saw that they ame up with Flav of love 2, I love New York 1 and 2, Shot at Love w/ Tila 1 (probably 2) and now this rock of love... which apparently has a 2nd season going as well... I understand what Bev is saying. Yes its a trashy show (in my opinoin rock of love being the worst), but theese men and women going on the show are making horrible images of themselves. I think all parties are at blame for this. Youve got the "cast members" who just make complete fools of themselves in sometimes the worst ways ever.. you've got the ringleader who makes them do all this stuff to see how far the cast would go to "test their love" when in reality, if it was real love they wouldnt need to do that in the first place. You've got the Companies like MTV, VH1 who support numerous seasons of it.. Im just rambling on and on... but i mean the whole thing is just disgusting though.

I never took the time out of my schedule to watch any of theese shows really.. as I said some of the episodes were comedic at times.. but I'd have to say that this brett fellow is the worst though. He makes a bad name for us guys.. Its wrong of me to judge because i honestly havent seen more than 3 minutes of it (like yourself).., but I saw a commercial of him sayin somethin about havin all theese girls sittin on his lap and its never too much or something like that. He looks like a girl himself. I cant say that i know many (or ANY) guys that wear eye liner. I honestly would like to see you take him in the ring. Not just to kick his ass.. because thats not going to proove anything.. but rather to teach him a lesson you know? Once again though, I appologize for rambling on about this and running in circles

Will your April 5th event be televised, or will you have a friend record it ringside?


Maureen from Killadelphia

Hey Ant,

Wazzup? Looks like mostly good things for you. You should keep it that way. I'm very proud of you for sticking with what you believe in and seeing it to its fruition. Go Tony the Bull!!!! As far as your ex and Brett go, I wouldn't worry one second. You're way better off now and remember, I told you, if it's meant to be, it will be. Don't force it to happen. It won't. If it's going to be, it will come when it wants to, not when you want it to. Does that make sense? It's the truth. I've learned when you push too hard to get something (particularly someone's love), it doesn't happen. The object of affection tends to show a lack of interest. Just let nature take its course and she'll come back to you if she really did love you and can see the change you've made in yourself. Stay strong, love! Talk to you later. And you most definitely can get a "heck, ya!!!!". Brett needs to cut his hair.

Peace out,

Jenny Simmons

Yeah i understand what you mean. I cannot wait till April 5th I am so proud of you!! I just want to let you know that something happened to my computer and that I wont be able to talk to you. And for me that is hard because I NEED to talk to someone and that someone is you!! so i don't know what I am going to do while i am waiting for it to be fixed..:'( this is not going to be good. Anyways please write to chelsea to tell me things she'll give me the information and stuff.. Thanks so much!!



u know that the show was a good show but i quit watching it i watch it sometimes but i use 2 watch it all the time because of u if it wasn't 4 u i wouldn't of watched the show when you left he lost a viewer i started watching steve's show u should go be on it

Brandy J.

I agree with Toshia. when you left the Jerry springer show just became trashy and girl security come on honestly. I believe that women can be as strong as men but i dont believe they should be security especially on Jerry where things can get a little out of hand.
But any way i did watch rock of love once just to see what everyone was talking about and i was offended and i dont get offended easily but the way he talks to the girls and treats them drove me insane. But i saw the girl you dated and i believe you are better off with out her. You will find a girl who makes you happy and will make it so you want to treat her like a queen and she will want to treat you like her king. Shes out there it just takes time.
And I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! you have done so much and come so far and it is starting to pay off. I cant wait t osee how far you go because as cheesy as it sounds the sky is the limit.

Love always
Brandy J.

P.S. willt he fight be on t.v.

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