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November 10, 2007



Hey Tony- looks like you are working hard! For the next five minutes, sit down, relax, and enjoy a nice cold beverage! :P

Rock on,


Hey man, I just watched your vid, and it's a bit different from some of the other versions I've seen, but looks like hell none-the-less. I like how you let everyone see the pain you go through and you still kep pushing through it, because thats the only way we can ever get results right? Your mind tells you to stop, but we both know that youve gotta beat your mind first in order to truely progress and get some real results.
It's weird though, when you do those real big and heavy workouts and your body is in SO much pain, and you wanna cry (sometimes you do).. it actually feels GOOD, and after awhile you learn to get addicted to that pain haha.
I thought of a kind of workout myself, which really doesnt require too much.. just somethin to do at home. Write me back if you are interested in hearing about it.
Keep in touch, Take Care, and Be Safe.
Aaron J.


Hi Tony

Just watched your workout - I dont think Ive ever seen anyone workout as hard as that, and Ive been to a few gyms in my time! I take my hat off to you. I think I felt the pain just by watching it. From what I could see on the vid, your looking good on it too.

Well done my friend - keep up all your hard work.

I look forward to your workout tips for ladies. (anyone but that one I just seen!);-)

Take care of yourself hun


P.S Its poppy day! Remember all our troops. xxxx


Holy crap i got tired just watchin ya lol

Chelsea <3


Holy crap i got tired just watchin ya lol

Chelsea <3

Cathy veit

AWESOME work. you look really good. wass up? How is life? wrote to u on myspace. I been gettin a work , i do child care. i been tryin to do ome mental mind things like meditate. warrior princess


Wow Tony that's a hard work

Dan Bones

Credit to you Mr. Buoniconti for taking massive action toward your goals. You know "pain is the feeling of weakness leaving the body" but with the mind the paradeigm is reversed. Joy is the feeling of weakness leaving the mind. I think you are nearing the point where the two will link up in sychronicity. The think/act or perceive/feel relationship are very powerful. Peace Bro. DB


That's totally good that you're working hard because like you said most people don't like to work hard. Most of them are just giver upers ya know, but definately keep it up and set your mind to your goals. I'll be praying for those brusies and strained muscles of yours.




Wow, watching that video now makes me realize how much work you really do put into this. I was in pain just seeing the pain in your face from doing all of those workouts. You truely are a saint for going through all of that hell for your dream and for your fans.
Also, watching you i dont think that i could ever do that! I would probably die...more than you are. :oX But thats what makes you who you are...a warrior in your heart, mind and soul. I give you props for doing all of this for yourself. Just dont work yourself too hard but keep up the good work and you will get through it like you did in the video and all of your workouts! Stay safe and healthy. :o)

God Bless
Love you lots


Wow you work sooo hard!! I have got so much respect for you! Ive never seen anyone work that hard for something they want.. your amazing!! keep it up!! we love ya!


Cathy veit

Hey there Tony,
I just thought that I would write to see how u r. I am doin ok . haven't geard from u in awhile on myspace.Wassup? wwyc take care and try to kee in touch love ya!!
with all my love
your friend
Warrior Princess


Hey what's up...haven't talked in awhile...email me haha


Tony I do believe that you and Tommy have what it takes and I look forward to learning from the two of you! Anytime that you need a spotter never think twice about asking me, I'm in your guys corner! Keep up the hard work...


hardcoree workoutt! hot!
hope your doing good!

jessica or as you know me playboybitch

you put alot onto your work thats how you got strong i think you re doing great keep it up by the ways you even look good in sweat mauh keep up the great work you re doing awesome

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