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November 03, 2007



Hey Tony, Happy Halloween to you too. Thanksgiving I will be in Manhattan with my daughter watching the parade. I promised her this year we would go and watch it in person and not on TV.
Sorry to hear about your deal. Something better will come along. As far as a workout for women, I am interested. I could use something better other than chasing my daughter and going up and down the basement stairs doing laundry. I do have a treadmill in the house as well as the weider crossbow, but alot of the times I am just so tired at the end of the day I have no desire to use them. Any suggestions would be great.
I would be interested in coming to watch you fight, unfortunately being a single mom I probably wouldn't be able to come to Chicago with my daughter being in school and all, but I will be with you in spirit cheering for you. If you ever come to New York to fight you can definately count on me to be there to cheer you on. When you do fight though are they going to be televised, maybe on pay per view?

Well take care and stay focused we all have faith in you and have your back.

Love ya,


Hey, this sounds pretty cool haha, sry bout ur real estate thing..that sucks. So how have ya been, I just been working alot lol i think I may be going to France this summer so...the work will pay off i guess lol well ttyl


A friend said to read this cause it's cool. I agree. well u said u wanted to hear about things that other people have been going through. well its pretty stupid thing but I am on my way to going to college to years early. I think it's awesome but god it takes a hell of alot of work, i mean there are weeks when i haven't even seen my friends because of how much shit i have to get done, it sucks,but i just keep thinking I just have to do this, It's the only way to be the best, but it seems like it is taking forever. I am a freshman in high school right now and I plan to start college my junior so hopefully i'll be through college by the time i am 21 I hope anyways well what your doing is awesome keep up at it, i think ur going somewhere great.


Hey Tony!

Happy belated Halloween! That is funny that you mention it that people do get into the holidays way too quick! Anyways, i'm glad you realized your mistakes with your previous relationships and that you have learned from them...thats what life does to you and as you say your gonna fall but then you will get right back up and continue on no matter how long it takes.
It's awesome that you got to go back to the show for a couple of hours to hang out with your buddies...get a little time just for yourself where you don't have to worry about anything at all. You need some time like that for yourself every once in awhile. :o)
I sooo wish I could come to your party but:

1. I don't have the money to get up there.

2. I am a little too young(well in my eyes I am...haha)

3. My parents would not approve...yeah I still live by their rules even though I am 18 and an adult but oh well!

I sooo wish i could be there and you know i would love to be there from previously talking to you on myspace. You also know that I would love to meet you if i could...hopefully one day I can! :o)

Keep your chin up and keep up the good work and never let yourself down and you will get through in life!!

God Bless and take care!!

Love you lots!!


Hey Tony

Im sorry your deal didnt go the way you wanted. Im glad to see that your not letting it get you down though. I know what you mean about christmas and stuff - we dont have Thanksgiving over here, but people are just going manic over christmas,its too early!!!

Your relationships - it sounds as though your realising the mistakes you've made. I'm on the receiving end of "alpha male" treatment. Its caused me to end my eight year relationship with my boyfriend. I had to let go. So thats why Im asking for your workout tips - coz I need to go get myself smartened up now Im back on the market!! It'll take some work! I still think your great though - youve got a great heart and youve got alot of interesting things to say.

About the Jerry Springer show. I watch it over here in the UK, and I have to say - it looks like a good laugh being on that show. You always look as if your just itching to get into all the brawls. Your definatly doing the right thing going after your dream. Ive always wanted to come to the US - and even better if I could see you in action and support you.

Finally Ive got to share this story with you - your always mentioning the troops. Well we have rememberance day coming up over here (not too sure if you have it in the US). Where we remember all of our heroes - past and present who have served and died for us. 11/11. Everyone shows their support to it by wearing a poppy. Well I went to get mine the other day - and got talking to the two Gentleman who were giving them out. They were fantastic, both in their late eighties, happy as larry, both served in WW2. They stand their all day in a Supermarket - taking donations just so that we can never forget their friends who died. They were fantastic. Ive got mine on my coat and Ive made sure that my Anthony has his on his school bag.

Tony "the bull" - sounds great!!!

Take care of yourself - keep in touch.

Love Bev xx - Newcastle, England


yea u definetly hav been an inspiration , i use to be anorexic for a time and exercised like crazy until i had to be forced to stop cuz of lots health issues but like u inspire ppl to eat healthy n its hard but im trying its still hard for me but wut you do shows that u can! more ppl need to be like u and be healthier and fit, its just its so dam hard tho lol but gotta try, luv u lots keep up the gud work-*sinead*

Edith 14 sweden

Heyy Tony :D
i really , really likke you !! you are so coool :D i wish you all luck in tthe future !!



Hey Tony
Happy Belated Halloween to you. How was your Halloween?


happy belated Halloween 2 u 2!! Tony "the bull" is kickass !!! its good that your lookin back on your relationships and seeing your mistakes.... God i wish i could go 2 chicago!! but i wouldnt be able to go cuz my mom let me and my cousin loose in NYC and we caused so much trouble!! Now i wish i hadnt done it all!!

Chelsea <3


Hey Tony -

Sorry your deal didn't go through, but just have faith that for all things there is a reason. I understand your struggles and how frustrating things can sometimes be. I am still recovering from a neurological injury that has brought with it alot of months of frustration and struggling trying to re-learn alot of things, but you have to have faith and always remember that "tomorrow will be better". Can't wait to read more.

Stay Strong!



After reading your story thus far, it seems as though you've been going through some pretty intense situations. I'm sorry! I am a christian, and what I'd do during those kind of situations is pray to God if I can, and read my Bible. Ya know, because with God, all things are possible! Just like the previous posters said, JUST HAVE FAITH esp. in yourself, because if you do, then what are the chances of your goals coming true? Probably more than you think! Yeah, Jerry Springer right now is a FREAK show and I don't watch it as much since you've left the show. It's just too artalfical to me now, by the way, I'm going to stick with the Steve Wilkos Show for now lol. I wanna go to this "Bull Fight" you say! I wanna see somthing in action for once in my life.

Peace unto you!


Hi Tony,

I just wanted to say something regarding your comment about not seeing a soul in that pic of yourself...When I saw you on the show, I saw a great guy...someone who was better than the craziness on that stage. I do miss seeing you but am glad you are doing something better. Good luck...and be careful!

Cathy veit

Hi there Arms
I redid my profile page again. sort of got tired of that one.So I put up a Mixed marital arts one. I am glad that u r doin something that u like. Warrior princess

Cathy veit

Some day you will find the right woman . i am still lookin 4 mr. right . there is some one 4 everyone. just keep your faith in the good lord to guide you. cat


Hey tony

Keep on trying.Like I always do.

I really wanna see a Tony The Bull fight
well maybe next year I'll be in Chicago again I'll let you know I want another party with you still can't forget the one I had a couple of years ago

Take care Wendy

Jenny Simmons

Ha ha.. to comment on Chelsea's We are going to go to Chicago in like 4 years..i mean its a wait but still.. TONY the bull your the best!! Btw REMEMBER CHIN UP CHARGE THE MOUTAIN

L. Hannan

Tony looking really good watch that beautiful face Have a happy holiday If you wish upon a fallen star your dreams might come true. Hope all our dreams come true. Bring our boys home. Tony the Bull REALLY Dont like it Like Tony B. Be good L. Hannan

Maureen from Killadelphia


How you doin? Read your blog and I'm glad you realize bad boys aren't all they're cut out to be. At least you realize it early enough in life to redeem yourself. Haven't posted for a while, cause it's really been Killadelphia.....all the crazy young black boys dealing drugs, killing each other and cops - it's totally insane. The cop that was killed, Officer Cassidy, was gonna retire in a few months. Really sucks doesn't it? We think we have it bad. Anyways, we're getting someone from your town, Charles Ramsey, replacing our Police Commissioner in January. It's really sad how people can act. I have two sons actually older than the ones who've shot the cops and I thank God I haven't ever had to deal with anything like that from either of them. So, thanks for letting me vent! Please put some of your workouts for women on here; that would be such a motivation. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Keep behaving yourself and you might surprise yourself. Take care.

L. Hannan

Tony thank you for all your comments. My mother died when I was born never had that experience.My wonderful grandparents raised me Lived on a fruit farm also raised and sold eggs and chickens. I could only speak hungarian until I was about five. They are long gone. Still live in the same place with wonderful memories. Happy Holidays Be good Be safe. Just be you L. Hannan


Hey Tony - love the vid - would love to see more
I am hoping to get to Chi to see you fight - can't wait man to see the Bull in the ring......
Don't be so hard on yourself, man! Your doing great and you can only go up from here..... REgarding the picture with no soul - your the only thing on Jerry that had SOUL! - You tend to beat yourself up more than your opponents - NOT GOOD - you have to believe in yourself .... what you are and where you're going..... Keep The Faith! Bro

L. Hannan

Tony looking way to good. Wish I could rub your muscles. Hope you have a happy turkey day. Behave yourself eat healthy. I dont personaly know you but I worry about you. Your values are so down to earth its refreshing to see someone with your smarts good looks and down home feelings. Wish you lived around the block. Could have a bonfire and watch the deer eating out of my feeders. Once again watch that beautiful face. Be good Be happy Be you.....L.Hannan

Tonya S

Tony Happy turkey day to you too, thanks. I just want to say that tony "the bull" sounds like it would fit you so I think you should go with it. Really!

Tonya S


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